What is Pragma

Global Alliance

Pragma International is a global alliance of leading independent law, tax and consulting firms. By the sensible deployment of advanced marketing and communication strategies, Pragma International has evolved to be a nimble legal, tax and consulting alliance which engages professionals from all over the world.
Pragma International members know and trust each other to manage each other’s clients as if they were their own. 

Focus on Services

Pragma International offers unique advantages to its participating firms and their clients.
Clients have access to bundled professional and cross-location expertise which would otherwise only be available by commissioning several legal, tax and consulting advisors or by accessing expensive and anonymous internationally positioned large consulting firms.

Highly Specialised

We believe strongly that expertise in a broad range of specialties plays a critical role in offering the best possible service to our clients.
Our member professionals occupy legal areas and economic sectors. They provide in-depth knowledge of both cross-border laws and regulations and applicable local laws in their jurisdictions.

Pragma International Background

Pragma International was founded in 2000 by four colleagues and leading experts in law and tax from, respectively, Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. They shared a common client and, because they trusted and respected each other, decided to build a legal and tax network for the development of businessknowledge and friendship with like-minded professionals. Pragma International was founded to create a global alliance prepared to face the international challenges of the new millennium.
Pragma International now looks towards a future in which productivity is less dependent on a defined physical location, and more reliant on dynamic and versatile professionals who, regardless of their location, are capable of providing timely and up-to-date services to clients who function in any and all jurisdictions.



Why Pragma International?


Diversity of All Sizes Colors Cultures People

Pragma International embraces diversity in all its forms and ways as we proudly value and celebrate differences in both our professional and personal ties. Our global alliance is an encounter of diverse cultures, people, languages, perspectives and experiences where at the same time we fully acknowledge cultural differences by respecting and encouraging them. Our mission is to bring about unity and success in our working environment by empowering our partners strengths, enhancing each singular peculiarity not only by recognising its incredible value but most of all by respecting it.

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Pragma International ensures a uniformly high-quality standard through its selection criteria for admission and corresponding quality guidelines. Our idea of a network is of a partnership that unites both firms and professionals. Participation in our network provides added value to our clients and to each other, by sharing knowledge, skills and the beneficial by-products resulting from the productive interactions between and among our members. In other words, the aggregate value produced by the Pragma alliance greatly exceeds the mere sum of its members.

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